Production + Event
Planning & Management

Whether you're at the beginning or final stage of your production or event planning, there's no need to struggle alone. 


Specializing in the development of exceptional project execution for private and corporate clients, we design, plan and manage projects from conception to execution.

If you already have an event team in place, we're also glad to give you a lending hand where needed.


Our project managers and vendors are seasoned localized professionals. We understand that you only have one chance to present this project smoothly. We take that responsibility seriously.

Through our past project experiences, we know which vendors we trust to further recommend to you.


Santiago INTL combines local logistics and management for executing seamless, memorable moments.

That's what productions and events are all about-
creating and capturing the right moment, and getting it right on the first try.


Our events and production management is completely customized, reflecting the brand personality of each client.

Whether we act for a product, a company or a cause, our job is to integrate and manage the execution of innovative design with local talent, the finest in dining, music, entertainment and—most important of all—that delightful element of surprise.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
We're happy to advise you free of charge.

Production Vendors We Trust


Kevin Hanson
Head of Production & Studio Ops at Intel Studios


"Jane is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my 25 years of working in television. A lot of young people who’ve achieved the level of success she has in that industry have a certain edge to them. She does not. She’s confident but grounded, effective yet charming, persistent but not abrasive, with brains and work ethic to boot."


Vendors We Trust


Teo Pernikova

Director of Operations at the Olympic Broadcasting Station


"Santiago International by Jane Santiago made our time in South Korea an incredible experience. Our staff not only felt comfortable with her because of her welcoming personality, the level of care she took into planning our stay, work environment, and tourism made it easy to have a great time while working abroad, which is not an easy task for our team of multinationals away from home. I highly recommend her to anyone visiting South Korea."