Get to Know Our Founder 
and Our Philosophies

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Jane Santiago,

As a ½ Korean, ½ Puerto Rican, born in Panama, educated at the University of Texas Austin, and the first mixed finalist in Miss Korea history-

I understand Korean, American, and Latin cultures. It's who I am, my family, and my culture. I've spent my entire life speaking English, Korean and Spanish, and navigating the sensitivities of each culture.

After visiting South Korea every summer of my life, I officially moved to South Korea in 2016. After volunteering as an interpreter, people started recommending me to companies, who recommended me to their colleagues. My clientele kept growing, I hired staff to help my growing workload, and Santiago International was born.


I'm grateful for the serendipitous opportunity to use my cultural background, knowledge & language ability to help other people come together.

If you ever need help, please feel free to reach out. I love what I do. And, I'm sure I have a solution for you or know someone who does.

- Jane Santiago


Cultural Bridges

Everything is difficult before it is understood:

including culture.

We love seeing the ease in our clients faces when we can take care of their issues in South Korea. It always feels good to help people accomplish their goals.

What seems incredibly complicated to someone who doesn't understand the Korean language or society, is for us always figure-out-able. We understand you, and we understand important Korean nuances.


Despite offering our various services, what we do all falls under the one category- we are a cultural and logistical bridge to South Korea.

It's an honor to help bring people from different parts of the world together for one project, and to have mutual goals accomplished. It's our pleasure to service international companies coming to South Korea. If we can be of any service to you, please let us know.