Corporate solutions in

South Korea

It's difficult to navigate solutions in a country you're not familiar with.

That's where we come in.


From notarizing documents, to interpreting meetings, to sourcing vendors, or managing corporate events - consider us your South Korean fixers.

If your business needs help in South Korea,

we'd be honored to curate and execute solutions with you.

Enjoy your time in South Korea, and feel free to ask us any questions.


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Jane Santiago,

As a ½ Korean, ½ Puerto Rican, born in Panama, educated at the University of Texas Austin, and the first mixed finalist in Miss Korea history-

I understand Korean, American, and Latin cultures. It's who I am, my family, and my culture. I've spent my entire life speaking English, Korean and Spanish, and navigating the sensitivities of each culture.

After visiting South Korea every summer of my life, I officially moved to South Korea in 2016. After volunteering as an interpreter, people started recommending me to companies, who recommended me to their colleagues. My clientele kept growing, I hired staff to help my growing workload, and Santiago International was born.


I'm grateful for the serendipitous opportunity to use my cultural background, knowledge & language ability to help other people come together.

If you ever need help, please feel free to reach out. I love what I do. And, I'm sure I have a solution for you or know someone who does.

- Jane Santiago

Meet Our Staff & Vendors

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Document Notary & Language Solutions

In most cases, we are able to notarize documents within 24 hours.

If you need official document translations or an in-house meeting interpretations, please contact us for an official estimate.

For rate guidelines and more information, explore document solutions (link below).

Event Assistance

Whether you're at the beginning or final stage of your event planning, don't struggle alone. 

We can help you plan the entire occasion,

or provide vendors: catering, drivers, hospitality, venues, and interpreters.

See past events we assisted here,

and feel free to contact us about your event.



Travis Steiner
Executive Director
of PGA Tour in Tokyo

"Although my time with Jane was limited due to contracting her for the tournament, and due to the demands of my role as tour director, I immediately felt comfortable with her given the initiative, leadership, and competence she exhibited. I can attest to her being a critical thinker, effective communicator, team player, and leader. I could see why she came highly recommended to us, and further highly recommend her."

Dan Coulson

Former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI

"A bright, young business who made my job possible while in South Korea- I have Jane on speed dial and recommend her to you should you need help in South Korea."

Kevin Hanson
Head of Production &
Studio Ops at Intel Studios

"Jane is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my 25 years of working in television. A lot of young people who’ve achieved the level of success she has in that industry have a certain edge to them. She does not. She’s confident but grounded, effective yet charming, persistent but not abrasive, with brains and work ethic to boot."

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